What’s your success story?

Together, we can chance people’s perception about violence. Your story will inspire the women who are still trying to find the courage to change their destiny, by showing them they are not alone, they can get help and they have the right to a better life.

Thank you for finding the courage to get involved! You should know that you can send your
story anonymously or publish it on our website. Check the box that fits you best. To send a
video or audio story, make sure it is 3 minutes long max; if you send a text, it should be
around 300 words. Tell us what worked for you, who opened your eyes, what solutions you
found to free yourself from abuse.
Your experience will help other women say
#SiEuReusesc (I can do it too!). We may have to edit some stories (for confidentiality and/or
safety reasons). If you have any questions, send us a message:

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2. Your story

Tell us how you succeeded, when and what made you say stop, who helped you, what worked for you, how you feel now.

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