What Is #SiEuReusesc and What Does It Offer?

From the moment a victim of domestic violence can say #SiEuReusesc (I can do it too) to herself, she takes the first step towards becoming a survivor. The road isn’t easy, but it’s important to take that first step. In order to do this, one needs support and examples of other women who have succeeded. The #SiEuReusesc project is run by the Association for Liberty and Equality of Gender (A.L.E.G.) with support from Ashoka Romania, and it adapts a model used by the Ana Bella Foundation in Spain. Our regional partners are Pas Alternativ Association (Brașov), ANAIS Association (Bucharest), and Grup de Suport pentru Femei Abuzate - GRAB (Satu Mare).


What is a #SiEuReusesc community?

A #SiEuReusesc community is a group of people in a village/city or a neighbourhood made of women who are subjected to acts of violence by their partner and survivors of this phenomenon who are willing to get involved as resource people in a support group or as a big sisters (see the meaning of these roles below), as well as at least one #SiEuReusesc expert.

A community aims to offer:

       - a #SiEuReusesc support group in a safe and confidential space,

       - access to the Facebook group Rețeaua Învingătoarelor (Survivors’ Network) and, if desired, an online local group, as well as information through the www.sieureusesc.ro platform.


What is a #SiEuReusesc support group?

A support group is an effective method for women to find empathy and support to move past a traumatic experience or to encourage those who are still facing a violent situation. Within the group, each member will play a double role. They both offer and receive understanding, support and help. There are several types of groups, including therapy, information, counselling, psychoeducation, socialisation/meeting, self-help, etc.


What is the Facebook Group Rețeaua Învingătoarelor?

Rețeaua Învingătoarelor (Survivor’s Network) is a secret Facebook group, a virtual space based on solidarity and trust, meant to bring together women who have experienced domestic violence, women who need support, and experts from various fields. To become part of the group, please send us a message at contact@sieureusesc.ro


What are the roles that someone can have in the community?

Survivors are persons who have faced domestic violence in the past, are no longer in danger and wish to share their stories, emphasising their path to success, with a view to helping other women. They can do this through 3 different roles:


#SiEuReusesc Ambassador - agrees to make public their story on how they overcame violence in order to inspire other women who are currently facing violence. They do so via videos uploaded on the www.sieureusesc.ro platform and thus become public promoters of this support programme for women in violent situations.


Resource person in a #SiEuReusesc support group - agrees to share her story in a small group of survivors, in a psychological counselling context, to help other women who are facing violent situations. On the www.sieureusesc.ro platform, the story may be published anonymously.


#SiEuReusesc Big Sister - agrees to share her story with another woman in a situation of violence and to offer practical support. How can one offer support?

            - She can offer advice from her own experience in the Facebook Group Rețeaua Învingătoarelor and in direct conversations, answering questions from other women;

            - Accompanies another woman throughout the legal proceedings, at the police station, etc., so as to make her feel she is not alone (but without making decisions for her);

            - Looks after the children of another woman while she attends counselling, therapy, etc.


#SiEuReusesc Expert is a professional in one of the following fields: social work, psychology, sociology, police, law, medicine, etc. They want to support women in domestic violence situations and are committed to adhering to the work principles on with domestic violence as the #SiEuReusesc programme. How can they help?

            - They are active on the Facebook Group Rețeaua Învingătoarelor (answer questions regarding legislation, when people ask for advice, etc.);

            - Is available to help women who participate in the programme;

            - They promote the #SiEuReusesc programme;

            - They advise women who want to join the #SiEuReusesc programme, whether to receive or offer help.


#SiEuReusesc Journalist is specialised in domestic violence or has an interest in this field and helps promote the #SiEuReusesc programme. They apply principles of ethic journalism sensible to the needs of women who have faced violence and place the safety of women and the need to inform the public above sensationalist pressures.


The network is growing continuously, and this year there is an ongoing project to strengthen a #SiEuReusesc community in Bucharest. To take up any of the above-mentioned roles, please send us a message at contact@aleg-romania.eu


*The #SiEuReusesc Community in Bucharest is a project initiated by A.L.E.G. (www.aleg-romania.eu) and supported by the IKEA Fund for Gender Equality, financed by IKEA Romania and managed by the Bucharest Community Foundation.

**The development of the community role concept was facilitated by our friends at Design Thinking Society Romania.